Now more than ever, it’s important to take control of your online brand. Somebody — a prospective customer, new employer, job candidate, or industry leader could be looking for you today and if they are, what will they find? Whether you are in job search, employed, a small business owner or entrepreneur, proactively taking control of your online brand presence is necessary to keep pace with our global, dynamic marketplace.

My consulting services are customized to help you build your visibility, your brand and your success. Some of my service offerings include:

  • Creation, editing and optimizing professional online profiles
  • Coaching for effective use of popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Using social media for passive and active job search
  • Social media for sales, prospecting and business development
  • Building and maintaining an online personal brand campaign

Additional Social Media Services

How can these services be delivered?

Working with you on your objectives is meant to be an easy for you and your team. My consulting services can be provided via one-on-one coaching, group sessions, live or web based instruction.

What steps are involved?

I’ve developed a thorough and streamlined approach to help you meet your objectives:

Defining Your Personal Brand

  • Knowing your unique selling points and your “value proposition” (your personal brand) are the first step in defining and communicating your brand. This process includes:
  • Performing a Needs Analysis to help you to identify your unique skills and attributes and define your value proposition.
  • Determining your desired objectives regarding outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Creating specific personal branding language into ready to use material to leverage in conversations, biographical information and other mediums to support your objectives.

Auditing your Existing Online “Footprint”

To develop an effective action plan, you need to know what’s “broke in need of repair” concerning your existing online brand. In this process we:

  • Audit your existing online brand and presence and identify any voids, inconsistencies and areas to focus on in developing an action plan.

Developing an Action Plan

Relying on your objectives and the results of your online audit, we develop a plan to begin the process of developing your online brand strategy:

  • Explore and identify the best mediums for communicating your brand messaging via social media.

Executing Your Online Strategy

Using all the information gathered thus far will trigger the implementation of your online branding strategy:

  • Transfer and translate your brand messaging to select mediums (social media and existing platforms such as websites, etc.). in a staged, methodical process to ensure effective rollout of your brand messaging.

Continuous Improvement and Maintenance

  • Increase your competency and awareness of how to continue to build and maintain your online brand through leveraging social networking tools through one-on-one coaching, large group training, live or web based instruction.