Find a Job Through Social Networking“This book is a powerful new tool in understanding social media and improving bottom line results. Whether making connections for opportunities in the job market or increasing the number of potential clients, the book is an excellent read. As a Human Resources executive, Find a Job through Social Networking by Diane Crompton and Ellen Sautter is essential reading for every executive, senior leader and business person everywhere in understanding how to get the most out of every recruitment dollar, while in most cases, developing inspiring and lasting relationships.

The book offers very innovative approaches to one of the toughest challenges businesses face today: reducing the cost of “In-Demand” talent. The book is destined to become a classic on transforming how we think about and approach online networking. This is definitely a crowning achievement for two most talented, creative and gifted women.”

Linda G. Traylor
President, HR Integrated Solutions


“…I have to say I found this a really excellent book to help me make sense of the basics of online social networking. Clear, easy to read with a friendly, relaxed style its a good place to start. The authors flag up areas where they can foresee the possibility of change which will help to offset the inevitable difficulties of writing about ever changing technologies. They are also good at highlighting potential danger areas which can worry the likes of me who don’t know much about internet security. Highly recommended.”

Peggy Collins Feehery
Director of Career Services, Reinhardt University

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