Shifting Your New Year’s Resolution


003I spent time over the holidays with family and was especially thankful for the visit. My niece is leaving immediately to begin a year away working in western Africa. She’s a new grad with degree in environmental science, so this internship is a great opportunity for her to build skills, work internationally in another culture and pave the way to her next job, future academic pursuits and much more. As I thought about the raw novelty of this opportunity for my niece – working in a remote locale, meeting and sharing experiences with new people, I couldn’t help but think – how many of us bring this same novelty, this same wish for rich experiences into our personal and professional lives? And, how can we merge the two? While we can’t always have everything we want or need, can we look at our lives holistically and think of creating a list for the New Year that marries those things that resonate with us personally and professionally? This post by Paul Brown provides some food for thought on the subject. While you’re ringing in the New Year, why not toast a new beginning to that master list that gives weight to your work / play / family self?

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