How Groups on LinkedIn can amplify your networking success


Whether you’re in active job search, looking for networking contacts or trying to grow your business, exploring and leveraging Groups on LinkedIn can make a difference with what you’re trying to achieve. It’s not unusual for me to see a lot of LinkedIn profiles where Group affiliations include alumni organizations or a few industry specific Groups. There’s way more below the surface to explore relative to Groups so here are some tips to help you get as out of LinkedIn Groups as possible :

  • Groups provide ready access to other “like minded” people who can increase your networking “reach,” provide a vehicle for knowledge sharing, give you access to more leads and keep you up to date on important news in your industry.
  • If you share a common Group affiliation with someone else, you can send them a message as opposed to paying for an InMail or going through a request for Introduction.
  • Sharing a Group affiliation with someone else makes your first approach with this person “warm” at the onset and potentially more productive.
  • There are a wide range of interesting discussions, tips and “insider” job leads shared on Groups that may never hit the LinkedIn membership at large. This puts you on an inside track to get access to critical information.

If you haven’t checked out and joined relevant Groups on LinkedIn, you can do this by going to Groups > My Groups or Group Directory. You might initially check out the “Groups You May Like” section to see if any of these are of interest. LinkedIn aggregates these Groups based on the information you share on your profile. Or, you can do a keyword search for appropriate groups using Boolean logic. For instance, a Boolean search like “HR OR ‘Human Resources’ AND Director” could yield Groups that could be appropriate for senior level HR professionals.

Some good things to consider when looking for ideal Groups to join include checking out the nature of the membership. You may want to target smaller niche groups or larger, global Groups, depending on your objectives.

If you’re in job search you might benefit from joining more Groups to help you amplify your networking efforts and build your referral base more quickly. If you go this route, consider streamlining this process by changing the default for how you receive updates from the Group to “weekly” (the default on LinkedIn unless you change this is “daily”).

If you found this to be helpful or if you have other tips for LinkedIn Groups please share…

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