In this global, competitive economy building an online presence and your personal brand is no longer a maybe, it’s a “must have.” It’s not enough to be known and respected within your organization or industry. We’ve all become “at will” workers with a need to have a powerful, supportive and consistent personal brand that is conveyed in a strategic, assertive way to keep pace in this new world of work. Building and sharing your unique personal brand requires a plan and up to date methods to make sure your message is heard and that you get a good return on your investment. So, whether you are in job search, employed, trying to grow your business or in need of increasing your visibility, you need to have an online brand to stay current, competitive, relevant and known.

I’m your business partner for getting this done. With over 15 years of experience in coaching professionals for branding and self marketing success, I’m well equipped to help you get these goals accomplished. My enthusiasm for social media began early on and this has been a complementary tool that I’ve advocated for professionals since the launch of the popular professional networking site, LinkedIn. Here’s how this process can benefit you:

  • Create a robust, well defined and supportive online brand that clearly conveys your value proposition, and unique skills.
  • Increase your visibility to your target audience.
  • Make you more accessible to business partners, prospects, vendors and customers.
  • Provide a vehicle to share thought leadership to a broader audience.
  • Increase your networking “reach” and streamline your ability to target key contacts.
  • Amplify the strength of your website and links products and services through appropriate syncing and messaging.
  • Do more for less (time that is) when it comes to networking, prospecting, and marketing.

I’ve developed a thoughtful, streamlined and effective process to work with you on achieving your goals:

Conduct Initial Needs Analysis: Determine your primary objectives and identify focus regarding your personal brand and key objectives.

Perform an Online Audit: Audit your existing online brand and presence and identify voids and inconsistencies in existing online “footprints” and activity.

Develop an Action Plan: Map a solution that meets your objectives now and in the future.

Execute Your Strategy: Partner with you to define, edit, and create your personal brand “value proposition.” Utilize this material to build and execute your online branding strategy.

Educate, Inform, Improve: Increase your competency and awareness of how to continue to build and maintain your online brand through leveraging social networking tools. This can be performed through one-on-one coaching, large group training, live or web based instruction.